HyperPlay API Docs


A web3-native game launcher from the future.

Welcome to HyperPlay

HyperPlay is a web3-native game launcher that enables players to carry their wallet, NFTs, tokens, and achievements into every game. HyperPlay makes in-game wallet interactions seamless and intuitive.
HyperPlay aims to reverse the de-platforming of developers and the monopolistic fees of web2. We provide a web3-native game store and aggregate the Epic Store and GOG, providing developers with maximal freedom to choose the store that works best for them.

Installing HyperPlay

HyperPlay is available as a native desktop application for Windows, SteamDeck, Linux, and MacOS. The early access alpha client is now publicly available for download on hyperplay.xyz.

API Reference

Dive a little deeper and start exploring our API reference to connect wallet to game
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