HyperPlay API Docs

RPC Endpoint

Make any JSON-RPC call with this endpoint.

JSON-RPC Documentation

For other EVM chains, check with their own developer docs.

POST localhost:9680/rpc


request - Object used in the JSON-rpc call. See your chain's developer docs for the specific format.
chain - Object used to ensure the user is on the correct chain (follows the MetaMask specification)
  • chainId - string Base 10 string matching the chain id on Chainlist​
  • chainMetadata (Optional) - Object used to add the chain if the user does not have the chain added to their wallet
    • chainName - string
    • nativeCurrency - Object
      • name - string is the currency's name
      • symbol - string 2-6 characters long symbol for the chain
      • decimals - 18
    • rpcUrls - Array<string> is an array of rpc node urls that can be used to make requests. We recommend selecting a few from the listing on Chainlist​
    • blockExplorerUrls (Optional) - Array<string> is an array of block explorers that can be used with the chain
    • iconUrls (Optional) - Array<string> is currently unused by MetaMask


Object - See your chain's developer documentation for more details